'I can’t help but think of Anxiety Dreams as a masterpiece of an album, as vicious as it is haunting and hypnotic.'


(The Punk Lounge)



'A never-less-than-thrilling blend of primal yin and cerebral yang … However dark they may some times be, however ecstatic or fraught, you’ll recognize your own desires in these songs.'


(Stereo Embers)









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DAS FLUFF's 4th album roars into life with MILLENNIAL...



A track which instantly had appetite and imagination on red alert as fluid electronic squirts align

with inescapably coaxing beats while electro punk tendencies gather. In no time it breaks into its

infectious stroll with Dawn’s melodic tones as mercurial in expression and attitude as the

sounds around her. It is a rousing start to the album, a magnificent trespass of temptation

and multi spiced sound seeing lips being licked for what is to follow...


(The Ringmaster Review)



Ringmaster - from the new album ANXIETY DREAMS







November 15 - Ho Chi MInh City / Vietnam


November 16 - Ho Chi MInh City / Vietnam


November 17 - Hanoi / Vietnam


November 18 - Hanoi / Vietnam


EXTRA DATE: November 20 - Hanoi / Vietnam


November 23 to 25 - Quest Festival / Vietnam




December 15 - Bar Bobu / Berlin